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Film fans name Johnny Depp top movie companion - carried out to launch Sky Movies HD A-List Actors Season


Johnny Depp is the actor most film fans would like to watch a film with according to new research carried out to mark the launch of the Sky Movies HD A-List Actors Season.

Over 1,000 UK film fans voted in the Sky Movies HD A-List Actors Season poll. Voters chose their ideal companion to watch a movie with by picking from the 21 actors featured in the season of daily box-sets, which will be shown on Sky Movies Showcase/HD from 30 May to 19 June.

Overall, Depp was named favourite just ahead of The Blind Side Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock with 15.3% of the votes to Bullock's 14.9%. It seems that Johnny Depp's universal appeal has sustained across the years, attracting fans from all generations, as he continues to be as popular now playing characters such as Captain Jack as he was in the days of Edward Scissorhands.

Suave Oscar-winner George Clooney came in third place in the poll with 7% while action star Matt Damon was tied in fourth place with Pulp Fiction's Samuel L. Jackson, both taking 5.3% of the votes.

Hollywood royalty Sir Anthony Hopkins was in fifth place with 5.2% after big screen success in The Remains of the Day and as serial killer Hannibal Lector, followed closely in sixth place by crowd pleaser Tom Hanks with 5% - known to most as loveable soldier Forrest Gump.

Whether saving the world from meteors or gracing our streets as another tough cop, audiences clearly thought that action man Bruce Willis could do with a break, with 4.7% voting for him to put his feet up and enjoy a film.

Soon to be seen as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, legendary actress Meryl Streep was named in eighth place with 4.5% while Denzel Washington, also known for his portrayals of real life names, followed in ninth place (4.1%).

Harrison Ford and Nicholas Cage tied for the final place on the top ten list with 3.7% each after wowing audiences with a series of very different roles throughout their long careers.

The Top Ten A-List Movie Companions:

1. Johnny Depp             (15.3%)
2. Sandra Bullock          (14.9%)
3. George Clooney        (7%)
4. =Samuel L. Jackson   (5.3%)
=Matt Damon                (5.3%)
5. Anthony Hopkins       (5.2%)
6. Tom Hanks                (5%)
7. Bruce Willis                (4.7%)
8. Meryl Streep              (4.5%)
9. Denzel Washington     (4.1%)
10. =Harrison Ford        (3.7%)
=Nicholas Cage              (3.7%)

Others =                (21.3%)

Clearly favouring female company, men's favourite choice for a sofa and movie companion was Sandra Bullock, who edged ahead of Johnny Depp with over double the votes.  Samuel L. Jackson followed in third place while Bruce Willis tied with acting veteran Robert De Niro in fourth place.  Sir Anthony Hopkins was men's fifth choice to watch a movie box-set with.

Men's Top Five A-List Movie Companions:

1. Sandra Bullock       (23.3%)
2. Johnny Depp          (8.7%)
3. Samuel L. Jackson    (7.8%)
4. =Bruce Willis                (5.7%)
=Robert De Niro (5.7%)
5. Anthony Hopkins      (5.3%)

Women however had other ideas, with over a third of females wishing they could cosy-up with easy on the eye stars Johnny Depp and George Clooney.  Sandra Bullock was in third place, with favourite Tom Hanks and action star Matt Damon in fourth and fifth places.

Women's Top Five A-List Movie Companions:

1. Johnny Depp          (22.4%)
2. George Clooney       (12.1%)
3. Sandra Bullock       (7.1%)
4. Tom Hanks            (5.9%)
5. Matt Damon           (5.1%)

Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Movies comments, "From indie hits to big budget blockbusters, Johnny Depp has long since established his A-List status and continues to wow critics and audiences alike with his versatility, charisma and raw talent, so it comes as no surprise that film fans selected Depp as the actor they'd most like to welcome into their homes to enjoy a movie marathon with. While we can't promise a Hollywood home visit, viewers can enjoy a series of box-sets featuring the biggest movies from their favourite A-List actors on Sky Movies HD."

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