Sunday, 22 May 2011

Going Postal

The latest Discworld novel to become a movie, Going Postal stars Richard Coyle as Moist von Lipwig, a conman who Lord Vetinari (Charles Dance) tasks with getting the post office up and running again. Clacks owner Reacher Guilt (David Suchet) is determined to stop this and he's got an unusual (but extremely effective) assassin working for him...

It's a pretty good adaptation, a few things maybe didn't quite work (didn't like Angua much but she was only in a couple of times) and a couple of really good bits missed out completely, but overall it worked well. Charles Dance worked quite well as Vetinari, Claire Foy as Adora Belle Dearheart was okay, David Suchet had a lot of fun as the baddie, and Richard Coyle did a very good job as Moist.  The golems were quite good, though the effects budget was clearly not all that high!

I wonder if they'll do Making Money next?  Would seem to make sense... going from Hogfather to Colour of Magic to Going Postal hasn't made much sense in terms of Discworld chronology!  Actually... I still haven't seen Colour of Magic... though I can't really get my head around the idea of David Jason as Rincewind...

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