Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Moon Is Blue (1953)

The Moon is Blue is a 1953 movie. and is a fairly dire attempt at a comedy.  I kept watching in the hope that it would get better purely because it's directed by Otto Preminger. Sadly it's not among his better films... the basic plot follows William Holden's character Donald meeting and for no apparent reason falling for Maggie McNamara's character, Patti. Cynthia (Dawn Addams) is very upset that Donald didn't take advantage of her the previous night and her father David (David Niven) goes to see him, though without much rancour. Much that doesn't make a lot of sense follows and Patti's air-headed character seems (again for no discernible reason) to attract both men, while Cynthia either fumes or connives.

There are a few moments that approach humour but this very talky movie is too bogged down trying to be cleverer than it is and by repeated highly improbable reactions from its characters to be much fun at all.

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