Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows Trailer

I don't know, this looks almost too action-packed... will they actually be able to fit in any deduction and suchlike?!?!

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Ben said...

Unlike most people, I didn't get all uptight and angry at the first. Thought it was an interesting flick, made in Guy Ritchie's trademark style. Will give this one a shot also.

CaptainD said...

Hey, I didn't get all uptight and angry at the first either - in fact I really enjoyed it, and said so in my review. My comment was purely about the sequel's trailer!

Ty said...

Should be a fun sequel. It will hard to top Mark Strong as the villain in the 1st one.

CaptainD said...

Hmm... I really like Mark Strong normally, but somehow I didn't feel his performance in Sherlock Holmes was quite as good as usual (nothing I can really put my finger on though).