Thursday, 29 September 2011

Top Movie Apps for the Android (Guest Post)

With fast internet connectivity, high quality large screens and extensive app stores it has never been so easy to enjoy the world of movies from the palm of your hand as it is today. Smartphones now come with plenty of apps to help you find out about new movies, read reviews or even watch the movies for free! So, here are some of the best movie related apps available for Android smartphones to help you immerse yourself in the miniature silver screen.


The ultimate source for movie info and reviews, the Internet Movie Database has been a popular destination for movie buffs the world over since it was launched back in 1990. Now you can access this goldmine of movie statistics from your Android smartphone thanks to the IMDB Android app.

The app allows you the same functionality that you would find on the IMDB website, but neatly reorganised for use on a phone. You can watch trailers for upcoming movies, check out the latest Box Office statistics or look up filmographies of your favourite actors and actresses.

This app can be a great way for discovering new movies based on your personal tastes while you are on the move, which you can then watch via other smartphone services on offer. The IMDB app is a free app that is available from Android Market.

Movies by Flixter

Offering a similar functionality to the IMDB app, the Flixter Movies app can provide quick access to movie reviews, screenshots and trailers. You can search through movies by genre or just check out the latest Box Office hits.

Flixter also allows you to find information about local movie theatres, should you wish to go and see a new movie after reading a review. Flixter can even inform you of restaurants close to your chosen movie theatre in case you want to get a bite to eat afterwards. Like IMDB, Flixter is available for free from Android Market.


Movielicious is an app that helps you to organise your movie library on your phone. Perhaps not that necessary for people with just a small number of videos, but for true movie buffs this can be a great way of keeping track of your favourite movies.

Movies can be displayed on a shelf like interface and Movielicious can even display when you have lent movies to friends to ensure you don't forget. Movielicious can integrate with the IMDB app providing you with detailed information about your movie collection. Movielicious also includes a barcode scanner so that you can easily add new titles to your collection.


Crackle allows you to watch full length movies and TV shows straight from your phone, absolutely free! Even better, the app itself is completely free too, so you can enjoy top quality movie and TV entertainment directly from your smartphone for no cost at all.

Crackle has lots of full length movies on offer with many more added each month. You can browse by genre, or simply search for a desired movie to watch. There is no limit to how much you are permitted to watch on Crackle, and so it is perfect for all movie fanatics. However, it is currently only available in the United States, Canada, UK and Australia.

HTC Watch

HTC Watch is a bit like Crackle, although it is only available on newer HTC phones. While Crackle's selection of movies is fairly limited HTC Watch has a bit more to offer. Although plenty of the latest movies are available to stream or download from HTC Watch you will have to pay a small fee. However, you can also rent movies for a smaller payment.

The benefit of Watch compared to free services like Crackle is that there is a much better selection of movies on offer. HTC Watch is available on newer HTC Windows Phones as well as HTC Android phones such as the HTC Sensation XE and HTC Bass, but Watch is currently only available for HTC users.

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Maurice Mitchell said...

Awesome list! I prefer the mobile version of IMDB over the app since space is a premium on my phone. I don't have a HTC, so I can't use HTC Watch. I'll try Crackle.

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I love these Android movie applications, thanks for latest information, I will install these applications.

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