Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Caught in the Act (1997)

A straight to video movie it may be, but Caught in the Act is a hidden gem of British comedy. It features 3 friends who enter a talent competition (2 of them unwittingly dragged into it by Lucinda, played by Sara Crowe) because she's fallen for the show's host, Neville Goodenough (Paul Shelley). Various comic misdemeanours ensue, and Crowe gets excellent comic support from Annette Badland and Nadia Sawalha. There are some other good performances in there too, although apart from the main trio every character is either bizarre or underwritten. However, this doesn't stop Caught in the Act from being a lot of fun, frequently funny, and quite hilarious at times. Definitely worth a watch if you like British comedies.

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