Saturday, 5 November 2011

She's the Man (2006)

An update of 12th Night, this Amanda Bynes movie isn't sublte or clever, and Bynes is hardly convincing as a boy - but it doesn't really matter, She's the Man turns out to be a highly enjoyable movie. Viola (Bynes) pretends to be her brother so that she can play soccer, since her school has canned the girl's team. David Cross as the school's headmaster puts in an enjoyably wacky performance, Vinnie Jones is fun as a mildly psychotic coach, and the rest of the cast are fine.

Channing Tatum playes "Duke", the boy Viola falls for and who somehow manages not to work out that she's a girl, Laura Ramsey playes Olivia, the vamp of the movie, and Andy Fickman (who also directed Race to Witch Mountain) directs.

Even though it's rarely (well okay, never) believable, it's funny enough to keep things going. A guilty pleasure (and much better than What a Girl Wants, also starring Amanda Bynes).

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