Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the (potentially) Ugly...

The Good: Call the Midwife has turned out to be an extremely well acted and well produced series, with tons of human interest stories, some genuinely tense moments and a lot of humour as the new midwife finds out about not only midwifery, but also the world and herself...

The Bad: The Royal Bodyguard - for reasons I have yet to fathom I keep watching this, hoping that it will become less like Mr Bean and more like the funny, slightly satirical series it seems like it could become one day.

The two shows above pretty much sum up everything that's good and bad about British TV at the moment.

The (potentially) Ugly: An American version of Only Fools and Horses? I dunno... could work out pretty well I guess. Also there are rumours (I don't know how true they are) of Ferris Bueller 2... not sure about that idea.

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