Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Oscar "Best Picture" Poll Results So Far

Still quite a way to go so far, but here's what you think should get the nod as Best Picture in the 2012 Academy Awards:

In first place:

War Horse (38% of votes)

In second place:

Hugo (23% of votes)
The Help (23% of votes)

In third place:

The Tree of Life (7% of votes)
The Artist (7% of votes)

No votes yet for:

The Descendants
Midnight in Paris
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

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Ben said...

War Horse? Really. The concept of a weepy drama about a man and his horse will always remind me of Mr. Hands and therefore be ridiculous.

CaptainD said...

Well... me to really, but I haven't seen any of the nominated movies so haven't voted myself! Can't account for the tastes of my readers :-P (that's not to say I wouldn't enjoy War Horse if I ever got round to seeing it, of course...)