Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fate Takes a Hand (1962)

This Danziger Brothers film, directed by Max Varnel, is based on a mail bag full of post that was taken in a robbery being found - 15 yeara later. Post Office employee Tony (Ronald Howard) and reporter Karon (Christina Greeg) take on the task of delivering the letters to their original intended recipients. Taking the 5 letters, they find the people who will only get their messages 15 years on, and listen to their stories.

 It's an enjoyable film with some funny or touching stories, with Peter Butterworth in a straight role for once as a former boxer in a poignant tale, but the slight plotting and coincidence-ridden events prevent this movie from having a proper emotional punch. Lightweight entertainment, enjoyable if you're in a sentimental move.

Okay, I'll stop with the boxing references now...

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