Thursday, 28 June 2012

FILMMAKER MURDERS CREW TO SAVE MONEY (it's not real honest...)

WILMINGTON, June 27 - Perhaps this is cost-cutting gone too far. In a bid to maximise the reach of each dollar in his budget, director Craig Thieman systematically executes his entire cast and crew, stabbing them, shooting them and blowing them up, because dead men don’t cash checks. And it’s all caught on film for what has been called “possibly the greatest Kickstarter video ever made.”

Kickstarter is a pathway from conception to production to distribution entirely free of gatekeepers and interference. Kickstarter is a game-changer. A crowdsourcing platform that allows artists and engineers to pitch their work directly to consumers, and for those consumers to, in turn, own a piece of the work they are personally responsible for bringing to life. We’re all in this together, now. Art isn’t a one-way, supply and demand street any longer.  We’re a community and, together, we can build anything.  It’s pretty exciting.

Inspire Productions in association with 207 Pictures are proud to announce the beginning of pre-production on the new feature-film Love Letter, written by Craig Thieman & Ethan Hunter and directed by Craig Thieman. An ambitious, darkly comic thriller, Love Letter is set to begin shooting in Wilmington, NC in July of this year.  And, with only weeks left before beginning production, the filmmakers are inviting a worldwide community of cinema fans to be a part of this motion picture by joining our Kickstarter Campaign.

Garrett's got a case of writer’s block.  It turns out writing the perfect suicide note is not as easy as you might think.  And it’s even harder when you're writing it for an ex-girlfriend you’ve got tied up in your garage.

Love Letter is based on the award winning short film of the same name.

Director Craig Thieman has been working in and studying film for the past eight years.  For the last seven years he has owned and operated a video production company where he directed and produced over 50 television commercials.  Last year he won Silver ADDY awards for four of his commercials.  During this period he’s done camera work for MTV, SPEED channel, Island Def Jam Records, and Inside Edition.

Writer Ethan Hunter is most well known as the writer/director of the acclaimed, multi-award winning feature film “For Catherine”.  Made for under five-thousand dollars, “For Catherine” spent about a year playing to standing-room-only audiences at film festivals across the country before it was picked up for distribution by Passion River Films.  It has gone on to screen on every continent but Antarctica.

To watch Thieman murder his cast and to learn more about the film please visit 

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