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Student Savings this Summer Movie Season (Guest Post)

The blockbuster summer season has begun and with highly anticipated flicks like the Dark Knight Rises, The Expendables 2, and The Amazing Spider-Man hitting the silver screen soon, tons of students on summer vacation will flock to the theaters. But while the movies are a great way to escape the unbearable the heat, they can definitely help burn a pretty penny in your college savings fund if you catch our drift. That said, to learn a few tricks on how you can save some cash this season while still getting your cinema fix, continue reading below.

Flash your Student ID
Not all movie theaters offer a student discount, but a lot of the "major" theaters do—so always carry your student I.D. with you. Typically it will only save you $2 at most, but that's definitely something. Some movie theaters have restrictions on when students can claim their discounts, like after 6 p.m. or only on weeknights, so make sure to call ahead to ask for details first.

Attend a Matinee or Early Bird Special
If your local theater doesn’t offer student discount tickets for its evening showings, then your best bet is to try to grab a matinee. Matinees usually run seven days a week from 11 p.m. to 5 p.m. and are offered at a discounted price. If you want an even cheaper ticket, then you might want to grab a quick breakfast and then go to "the early bird special." Some movie theaters like Cinemark only charge $5 if you make it in time for the very first showing of the day.

Summer Specials
You can also get some really cheap movie tickets by visiting your local theater's website and investigate whether there are any summer specials offered or not. Most movie theaters have a "summer saving program" so that parents can afford to take their children to the movies at a fraction of the original cost. For example, this year Regal Theaters has their Summer Movie Express special. For nine weeks, selected 10 a.m. rated G and PG movies are offered for a $1 on every Tuesday and Wednesday. No age restrictions.

The Dollar Cinema
Last but not least you should definitely try catching a flick at your local dollar cinema. At the rate movies come out these days, you're bound to find a movie that you've haven’t seen for just a buck. While you could always rent a movie at the same price, there's still something special about seeing it on a big screen.

Of course the suggestions I listed above aren’t the only ways you can save. Students can always apply for a theater rewards card, become a screen tester, work at a movie theater, or fill out questionnaires at Fandango for additional discounts and rewards.

This is a guest post by freelance writer and blogger Nadia Jones. Nadia enjoys sharing her knowledge on topics of education and higher learning. She offers online college advice and guidance to readers throughout the blogosphere. Reach her at

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