Thursday, 28 June 2012

Two Wives at One Wedding (1961)

Another Danziger Brothers' film, this time directed by Montgomery Tully, this one starts with the happiest day of Tom (Gordon Jackson) and Janet (Christina Gregg)'s life -their wedding day.  Unfortunately things don't entirely go to plan as a woman from Tom's past turned up in the form of Annette (Lisa Daniely), who Tom remembers but can't remember marrying - which is what she claims.  It soon becomes clear that Annette is intent on blackmailing Tom and Janet, but is she telling the truth?  Tom's amnesia for a few weeks from shell-shock mean that he must revisit old times and old friends in an attempt to find out...

A simple plot of blackmail and a "did they, didn't they?" question that continues for almost the whole film (though viewers will probably make their minds up about that long before the answer is given in the film), it's lifted above the mundane by an earnest performance by Gordon Jackson and a decent supporting cast.  It's a little too obvious and too reliant on coincidence though, and the final scenes lack both credibility and emotional resonance.

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