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5 Babysitter Approved Movies For Kids (Guest Post)

5 Babysitter Approved Movies For Kids

A babysitter makes one of the best kid movie reviewers for several reasons: a babysitter knows what kids like, a babysitter knows what will keep the kids most entertained and a babysitter knows which movies are best at teaching lessons. So the next time you sit down to watch a movie with a youngster, pop in one of these DVD’s and enjoy!

How to Train a Dragon: Probably one of the most underrated kid movies out there. This movie is based on a little boy and his attempt to train a restless and misunderstood dragon. How to Train a Dragon really resonates long after the movie. Among the many morals it teaches children, the importance of being you and being kind to one another is great for those in elementary school.

Up: If you can get past the first five minutes without crying, kudos to you. Up has a very sweet and endearing message to both adults and youngsters. A lesson on love is good for all ages. Up is filled with great characters and a kid movie that adults don’t mind watching over and over again. Squirrel!

Toy Story: One of the older kid movies that most babysitter’s enjoyed when they were kids themselves. Tim Allen and Tom Hanks are the voices behind the odd couple and dynamic duo Buzz Lightyear and Woody. Kids love this movie because it feeds their imagination that their toys in fact, actually do have personalities and can speak.

Madagascar: A fun and free spirited movie full of dancing, singing and memorable animals. The storyline is pretty basic with no deep meanings, so this movie is great for those looking for a light and easy hearted movie for kids. Get ready to fall in love with the quirky and overconfident Julian and one of the best dancing scenes in all kid movies.

FindingNemo: The adorable and sweet tale about a fish that goes on a wacky adventure and his dad on a mission to find him. Nemo is born with a bad fin and faces challenges with many other good story lines here and morals to remember.

Whether you are in the mood to watch a bunch of toys talk or animals sing, these five movies are crowd pleasers for all ages. The key is to find the movie that appeal to the child while keeping them entertained throughout the whole time.

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Maurice Mitchell said...

All great choices, but my son loves Madagascar.

CaptainD said...

My little one will soon be old enough to start watching films and choosing her favourites... I'm very curious as to which ones she'll enjoy most!