Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift Review (Guest Post)

Well looks like the lovable trio Manny, Sid, Diego are back at it again, this time setting sail on an iceberg after their continent has drifted (hence the movie title) thanks to Scrat’s never ending pursuit for his acorn. So the big question is whether or not fourth time was the charm for the Ice Age series. Ask the other movie goers and Ice Age faithful fans and they will say that this was probably one of the better Ice Ages that the film has brought.

There were many adventures and one-liners that keep everyone giggling and on the edge of their seats for the most part. The storyline was quite familiar and side story lines a tad lagging. A big kudos to the writers of this movie for getting the slapstick humor between the characters that Ice Age was lacking in previous sequels, back again. The same morals and lessons can be learned but regardless and sweet movie and great for even your youngest family members.

The visuals and character voices were vibrant and up to par as expected. There was also the option to view the movie in 3D. Honestly, a waste of glasses for adults but of course an added bonus for the kiddos. Bottom line, Ice Age: Continental Divide may be overplayed for some adults but none the less proves to be a very big hit for the children in the audience.
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