Wednesday, 12 September 2012

MegaMind Review (Guest Post)

You know, I am usually not a big fan of Will Ferrell’s movies. I mean, I enjoyed him in Elf, but the rest are kind of… blah to me. However, I love Megamind. This cartoon is a blend of action, adult and kid-friendly humor, and a touch of romance. I like how they turn the superhero genre on its head and really focus on someone that is traditionally left out of character development – the bad guy.

Megamind is the story of a blue, big-headed alien super villain, Megamind (Will Ferrell), who is always living in the shadow of his counterpart, the handsome and suave Metro Man (Brad Pitt). Lonely except for his loyal fish companion Minion (David Cross) and super-smart, Megamind employs theatrics and frequently kidnaps the hero’s love interest, TV reporter Roxanne Ritchi (Tina Fey), to fight his nemesis for Metro City. Surprisingly, one of his doomed attempts actually works and Metro Man is destroyed. Metro City is in shock as the super villain takes over. After a little while, however, Megamind grows bored. With no one to fight, his life seems meaningless. In disguise as a regular man named Bernard, Megamind meets Roxanne and starts to fall in love with her. She unintentionally gives him the idea to create his own superhero, using DNA from Metro Man. In a mix-up, Roxanne’s bumbling cameraman Hal (Jonah Hill) gets the superhero injection. The power quickly goes to his head and soon Metro City and Roxanne are both in danger. Megamind must take on a new role as superhero to defeat Hal, aka Tighten, and save the woman he loves.

The thing I loved most about this movie was all the stereotypes. The villain, the hero, the damsel in distress, even the bumbling sidekick were all used in different ways and turned on their heads. It was funny but exciting, with times of great suspense. I always love a twist in stories, and this movie is full of surprising and fun twists.

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