Sunday, 23 September 2012

Review of PIXAR’s "Brave" (Guest Post)

PIXAR's Brave is the story of a brash and headstrong princess who does not want to marry into the opposing clan to bring peace to her people. Instead, she wants to make her own way as an adventurer and archer. While skilled with the bow and arrow, she is less skilled in understanding her parents, who are only looking out for her good and the good of the nation. When she accidentally uses a witch’s spell to turn her mother into a bear, the princess must find a way to repair the breech before the change becomes permanent.

I was really looking forward to watching Brave when it came out to theatres. I've always loved PIXAR movies and find them to be both well animated and have strong plot lines; however I was a little disappointed with Brave. While the characters were well formed and the animation was absolutely beautiful, it seemed as if that was all there was to the story. The plot was convoluted and confusing, with random bits that seemed tossed in to make it more exciting. The characters were strong, but little time was given to character development so you could never really get a handle on what they were like. 

 I think PIXAR should have spent less time on the curly red hair of the heroine and more on the writing. The very end of the movie was the only part I felt emotionally moved by and actually appreciated. All in all, I felt that Brave was a disappointment.

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