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Snow White... what you may have never known about the Disney animated movie... (Guest Post)

Facts You Never Knew About Snow White

Everyone has seen Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, but how much do you really know about it? There are some facts that are common knowledge, like the fact that this film was the first feature length cartoon ever and the movie was based on a folk tale by the Brothers Grimm, but other things about the movie are less well known. Here are some facts about Snow White that you might find interesting and even surprising:
  • Snow White was called “Walt Disney’s Folly” while it was being produced because people were sure it would never be a success.
  • Snow White was the highest grossing film of 1938
  • It is the only traditionally animated cartoon to be on the American Film Institute's list of the 100 greatest American films of all time.
  • There are only elevennon-animals in the whole film: Snow White, the Prince, the Huntsman, the Queen, and the seven dwarves.
  • The Prince was only seen in the beginning and end of the film because animators found him difficult to draw realistically.
  • Twenty five songs were written for the movie but only eight were used.
  • Snow White was hand colored. In order to make Snow White look more beautiful, the colorists used real blush on her cheeks.
  • The woman who voiced the old witch took out her false teeth to get the right sound.
  • Dopey was supposed to have lines, but they couldn’t find the right voice so he became mute.
  • It took two million animations and fifteen hundred shades of paint to illustrate the movie.
  • Animators thought Dopey was too modern a word but Disney kept it anyway.
  • Snow White earned $8 million in international receipts in its opening release.
  • Snow White took three years to produce and cost $1.5 million.
  • Disney had to mortgage his house to pay for the film.
  • Disney received one big Oscar and seven small ones for the film, presented to him by child actress Shirley Temple.
See, I bet you didn’t know some of these facts. I am sure there are many more cool facts that you can uncover with a little research, but I was glad to find out that everyone still seems to love this classic cartoon. Disney’s Folly was anything but a flop in the long run!

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