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Top Ten Movies of 2012 (Guest Post)

My Top Ten Favorite Movies Released in 2012

This year was a great one for new films! I am not usually much of a witch it in theatres person but I made a few exceptions this year. So, in order from best to mostly best, here are my top ten picks for my favorite movies of 2012:
  1. The Avengers –This one has to be number one on my list. I love this movie so much that I not only watched it three times in theatres but I bought it the moment it came out on DVD and watched it three more times. This is the go to movie for when I have friends or family over. Any time I talk to someone about the movie and find out they have not seen it I feel the need to evangelize about it! Not only was this the best superhero team up movie ever but it struck just the right balance of story line and action. There was never a dull moment or a boring back story to wade through. The humor in this film is great and will keep both kids and adults laughing and on the edge of their seats. The special effects actually added to the story line and the top notch actors and actresses filled their rolls to a tee. I really do not have anything bad to say about this movie at all and it is definitely one show the whole family can agree on!
  2. The Hobbit –With tons of anticipation we all awaited this prequel to the Lord or the Ring’s trilogy. Though I was a little leery after finding out it too would be made into a trilogy, the first introduction to the Hobbit does not disappoint. With great actors and the action and beauty we expect from director Peter Jackson, this film lives up to the greatness of his previous work on Tolkien’s books. I have to admit I have a bit of a crush on head dwarf, Richard Armitage, and Martin Freeman was the perfect actor to play the diminutive Bilbo. Just an allover great film and definitely something to catch even right before Christmas.
  3. Wreck-It Ralph –For the gaming kids and geeks out there, this cartoon was one for the record books. I love the references to all the classic arcade games and even the more modern fighting and Japanese influenced games of today’s arcades. Full of action and comedy, this Disney film is fun for all ages. It is colorful and fast moving for the kiddies with a distinct story line that appeals to the lost generation that are looking for their place in the world. Though it does start to drag at times, the story line and great ending make up for it.
  4. Brave –Another great cartoon from Disney and Pixar, Brave is notable for its graphics. Though I found the story line to be a little on the pedantic side, the great visuals make up for it. I love her bright, curly insane red hair! The humor in this one can get a bit gross, but not too bad and the overall story line is a great one. The funniest parts have to be with the Queen turned bear, all proper and refined, and the horse’s mane and tale were just amazing to watch as it galloped through the film. The three little brothers were holy terrors but added to the fun factor, especially once they too were turned into bear cubs! The King was loud and perfect as a hapless yet helpful leader and the inane cohorts matched him beat for beat.
  5. Men in Black 3 – Anyone who was a fan of the first Men and Black and couldn’t stand the second will be brought back into the familiar world of the first by this film. Thankfully brushing aside the stupidity of the second film, this Men in Black sequel is worth watching if only for Josh Brolin’s spot on imitation of the surly Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones). I love the time travel twist and while the bad guy could do with a little less gross, he is made up for by the inclusion of the future seeing sidekick they introduce. Played by Michael Stuhlbarg, Griffin is a sweet and kind counterpoint in the midst of murder and mayhem. Over all the main characters are decent and lovable again, the side plots are believable and the ending is thoughtful and poignant.
  6. The Hunger Games –Why I enjoyed this movie I just can’t tell you. There is something about kids killing each other for no real reason that just sucks you in and does not let you go. The long intro really lets you get to know the characters as people and added to the drama when the fight scenes began. Though I had not yet read the books before watching the film I still got the gist without being lost in the complexities. There is something just moving about what could have been a simple teen flick. I look forward to the sequels, even with the increasing violence.
  7. Lincoln -Steven Spielberg directs Daniel Day-Lewis in a dramatic film that focuses on the 16th President's tumultuous final months in office. While both teaching you about history and keeping you enthralled by the personal and political life of this well-known figure, Lincoln is more about who the man was then what he actually did. The old way of speaking and the political climate make this long movie a bit to get through for the average person, but the superb acting more than makes up for it. My only complaint was about the pervasive language use that took away from the movie.
  8. Looper –Bringing together science fiction and action. This film is all about the troubles of traveling in time. When the mob gets a hold of black market time travel tech, they send loopers back to kill people who get in their way. The only problem is that the loopers end up getting themselves out of the way as well. An interesting take on what it means to change the past and affect the future, this film is thought provoking and can be a little ponderous for a popcorn and coke audience.
  9. Life of Pi – If you are looking for a film with great images then look no further. Just a beautiful film filled with great special effects that is a must see on the big screen. While the story itself just dabbles on the edges of ideas, the images and the main plot make up for it. The ending is quite a twist and somewhat disturbing, but all together this is a beautiful film.
  10. Skyfall – It is not often that a James bond film can make my list of any favorites, but this one is a cut above the rest. With a conventional tone set in an unconventionally beautiful setting, this is another film to watch on the big screen just for the sheer pleasure of the images. Blending together modern action with a throwback to the old days, this film is the perfect mix of classic Bond and new, modern action films.
All together the 2012 movie season was a good one. Some honorable mentions that did not quiet make the cut would have to be The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2, which surprised me with its twist ending and great action scene, Rise of the Guardians with its great voice actors, and Les Miserable, which is coming out Christmas Day but looks to be like a surprising hit for a dramatic musical. Some surprising failures were Franken weenie, a boring and bland black and white animated snore fest, and Para Norman, a preachy and slow moving cartoon remake of the Sixth Sense.

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