Thursday, 14 March 2013

How To Get Your Work Seen In The Film Industry (Guest Post)

Budding film makers everywhere want to have the chance to get their work seen. Of course, breaking into this industry can be difficult, so what do you need to know to ensure that you get the fame you deserve?

Take College Courses
One of the ways to get your work seen is to take college classes because you will learn the technical components of film. Furthermore, you will learn about the specific terms that are used in the industry and the latest technologies that are out there. In order to get people to notice your work, you need to make sure that you are staying on top of the competition. After all, you want to be using the methods that the professionals are using, right?

Network, Network, Network
Networking is extremely important for the creative industry because the people who you know can really help you to get a job. Try to create connections with the individuals who are in the classes with you, and you all might be able to help one another out in the future and with other projects. Additionally, your school might host some networking events where you can meet with other professionals in the field. You should also ask your professors if they are able to connect you with prominent individuals in the film industry.

Submitting Your Work
The film industry is quite expansive, and it does not have to refer to Hollywood only. Even if you are able to gain recognition at a more local level, then you will be a step closer to success. Find out if your town is hosting any local film festivals. You may want to check out ones in a local community or a neighboring state. Sometimes, you do not know if you qualify for the group. Find out what the requirements are, and if you are still unsure, just submit your work. You might be rejected; however, learning to deal with rejection is a major part of the creative fields.

Create Quality Pieces
You might be really excited to get your work started and finished as quickly as possible. Remember, it is better to take your time and submit quality work than to race and put something messy together. Take a break every once in a while to really evaluate what you are doing and where you are going with your work. You might also seek out advice from other professionals in the field, and you can use their criticisms to your advantage. Furthermore, you should always edit your own work. Once you have stepped away from the pieces for a bit of time, both the flaws and advantages of the works can become much clearer than they once were.

Breaking into the film industry is certainly not easy; however, it is possible. When you are willing to put in the necessary work and take the needed steps to be successful, then you will be getting so much closer to seeing your work appear before your eyes on a screen.

Author Pam Johnson is a videographer who uses her skills in video capturing and editing to create video marketing and communications publications for clients. She also enjoys blogging and is a contributing writer for

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