Monday, 15 April 2013

Jalloo Festival of Animation and Games 2013

A celebration of animation and games

Jalloo features professional development, workshops, presentations, and networking activities. It is ideal for recruiters, professionals, students, and entrepreneurs.


Professionals: $100
Students: $20

After mid-April register at

Monday and Tuesday before the official conference, there are professional development workshops including Character Design by Tom Bancroft, an animation veteran whose credits include "Beauty and the Beast," "The Lion King," "Aladdin", "Mulan", "Brother Bear, and the "Veggietales" series.

Several opportunities for networking exist with breaks during the conference, but the main networking event is set for Wednesday, 19 June with two parties. For professionals there is the Lobster Dinner and riverboat ride, and for students there is a pizza and pool party. Later in the evening they to merge into a single fun filled event.

Student Showcase
Displays by recent graduates in Animation, 3D Graphics, Game Programming, Graphic Design, Game Design, and more. Come see the talents of those newly come into the industry and visit our host facilities.

Animation Festival
Students and professionals will compete for ca$h prizes in a juried show of animation shorts that will be shown Thursday 20 June. For details see

Game Jam
From Thursday 20 June to Friday 21 June there will be a 24 hour game jam, where participants will hear a theme, then mix amongst each other spinning and sharing ideas, form up teams, design, and build a game prototype. This is an exceptional opportunity to let loose the imagination and creativity sometimes lost in the daily grind, plus the jams make a great networking and recruiting ground.

Open House – Wed 19 June 4:30-6pm
The Showcase, Arcade and Art of Games will all be open to the general public from 4:30-6pm at the main Miramichi campus with no need to register. The general public that is curious about the Animation and Games industry can drop in and find out about what the industry is, what the business and job opportunities are within the industry, and the possibilities available for training to for a career in this industry.

Animation and Games is THE fastest growing industry worldwide with diverse opportunities for small Atlantic companies and start-ups. So come learn what this industry has to offer.

We are just creating our schedule and confirming guests; be sure to look for updates as they occur.

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