Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Best Film Academies for Tomorrow's Cinema (Guest Post)

Right now, you are just dreaming of going to film school one day. Yes, right now, you are today's student. However, you are tomorrow's top cinema director. What are some schools that you should consider?

You might be asking what exactly NYFA stands for. Indeed, these letters stand for the prestigious New York Film Academy. Not only are the programs for this school available in Manhattan, but you'll also find them in Los Angeles, Paris, Florence, Harvard University and other excellent places around the world. By taking classes at NFYA, you are going to learn about the cutting-edge technologies used in the world of film and methods that directors use to bring their pictures to the top of the pack. Of course, being in New York City also exposes you to so many opportunities.

American Film Institute
Hollywood Reporter's article entitled "The 25 Best Film Schools Rankings" points to the American Film Institute as the top one in the country. The author writes, "Among the most selective film schools in America, AFI's Center for Advanced Film and Television Studies in Los Angeles offers a two-year conservatory program where students specialize in fields including directing, producing and writing, often coming to the institute after working in the industry or having attended other schools." Clearly, you'll be getting head of the competition here.

The Tisch School
So you've never heard of Tisch? If you are interested in a career in film, then it's time that you get acquainted. The Tisch School of the Arts is part of New York University. Yes, these schools tend to be located in big cities, but these are the areas where opportunities come through the most in the fields of film and acting. If you are interested in a summer program, you could look into enrolling in one of the offerings from Tisch. Of course, you must be serious about the program, but it can also help you to see if this career is one you really wish to pursue.

Here is a school that goes across to the other side of the coast, and it's another one that is recommend by the article from the Hollywood Reporter. The article notes, "The richest film school in the world... USC probably has more graduates working in the industry than any other school and has the greatest support from the industry itself, with 10,000-plus alums who routinely donate millions for state-of-the-art facilities." When you have this much money coming into the school, it is possible to have the best technologies and the top instructors in the field. It's true that many cannot buy you everything, but it can give you a more enhanced experience when you are studying and working in several fields.

Film is an extremely competitive industry, and you want to make sure you are at the top of the pack. Therefore, when you are selecting a school, it is important to look into some of the best ones in the country to better your experience.
Author Pam Johnson is a videographer who uses her skills in video capturing and editing to create video marketing and communications publications for clients. She obtained one of the Best Communications Degrees in the country.

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