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Top five bizarre movie star injuries (Guest Post)

Who knew being an actor was so dangerous?  Until someone sent me this guest post, I didn't!

It's probably inevitable that movie stars will get injured as part of their job and many people will argue that they get paid enough to balance this out. Even if this is true, you can bet there will have been some calls to their lawyers after some of the accidents they have suffered.

What's weird however is the manner in which many of them get injured, with even the most serious actors suffering comical injuries. Below is a selection of the strangest and most amusing.

Tom Cruise

Whilst filming the 2012 movie Jack Reacher, Tom Cruise suffered an injury that is really quite difficult to comprehend. The Top Gun star's scene required him to kick a fellow actor repeatedly in the groin, which really does sound like it would hurt more to be the one receiving this punishment.

However, Cruise must have damaged his foot while delivering the blows and it began to swell up. In fact, the actor was in such discomfort that he had to loosen his shoelaces between takes. We're not quite sure how the other guy fared.

Sir Anthony Hopkins

Although he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2003, Sir Anthony Hopkins almost didn't live to receive this honour, after coming close to dying while filming The Edge, which was released in 1997.

Sir Anthony had been taking medication to help him cope with a particularly painful neck problem on location in Alberta, Canada. During filming, the Oscar-winning actor fell into a freezing river, but didn't realise how cold it was because of the treatment.

He quickly began displaying symptoms of hypothermia, which were fortunately spotted by members of the crew and he was rushed to hospital, where the actor made a full recovery.

Hugh Jackman

His character in the X-Men films, Wolverine, might be able to quickly heal all injuries, but actor Hugh Jackman wasn't quite so lucky when he got hurt filming the first in the series, released in 2000.

In one of the film's later scenes, Jackman's character catches a chain using his metal claws. However, these claws came loose during the first take and scratched the actor in the face.

This wasn't the only injury involving Wolverine's claws on the set of this film, however, as Rebecca Romijn was accidentally stabbed in the arm by the prosthetic metal spikes during a fight sequence.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has got to be the most injury-prone actress in Hollywood. She had her arm accidentally broken by Robert Downey Jr while filming Gothika, was hit on the head by a lighting rig during scenes for Catwoman and broke her foot in Cloud Atlas.

However, the most bizarre and potentially dangerous of these injuries came when filming the 2002 James Bond flick Die Another Day. In addition to acquiring an eye problem resulting from a smoke bomb, Berry also almost choked to death on a fig during a romantic scene with Pierce Brosnan.

Fortunately, the world's coolest spy was on hand to save the day yet again.

Jim Caviezel

While playing the role of Jesus in the controversial 2004 movie The Passion of the Christ, Jim Caviezel suffered an array of injuries.

Unsurprisingly, most of these resulted from filming the scenes relating to the character's final moments, during which Caviezel sustained deep gashes while being whipped, separated his shoulders through carrying the huge wooden cross on his back and developed hypothermia.

However, the spookiest and most serious incident happened right before the film's crucial main scene, detailing the events of the Sermon on the Mount, when the actor was struck by lightning, which set fire to both sides of his head!

In an interview with CBN, Caviezel explained: "I was lit up like a Christmas tree! What [the crew] saw was fire coming out the right and left side of my head. looked like I went to see Don King's hair stylist!"

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