Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs is a great family movie – enough slapstick and daft stuff for young ones (my 3 year-old really enjoyed it), but with just about enough humour in the dialogue, references to other movies etc to keep adults reasonably entertained.  The special effects are a little variable in quality but not enough to detract from the overall feeling, while the voice cast and human cast (while invariably taking a back seat to the cats, dogs, CGI and animatronics) do a good job.  Jeff Goldblum was after all born to play mad scientists in films, while Elizabeth Perkins is both sweet and funny. 

With its unashamed silliness and plot about a secret organisation of canine agents saving mankind from an evil cat genius called Mr Twinkles, Cats and Dogs is a fun and entertaining family movie.  Recommend for little ones and adults in need of some very light entertainment.

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