Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Finish Orson Welles' Last Film! (?!)

If you haven't heard of The Other Side of The Wind, it was supposed to be Orson Welles' comeback title. After years spent working in Europe, Orson returned to Hollywood intent on making a film about filmmaking, but managed to hit an obstacle at every turn and, although he finished shooting it, he did not finish editing and the film was never released.
The film is the epic story of legendary film director J.J. “Jake” Hannaford, played by the equally legendary John Huston. In the film, Jake sets out to make his own career re-defining film, also titled 'The Other Side of the Wind '.

Check out the IndieGoGo Campaign trying to make this happen, with a $2m funding goal!  ($140K raised so far with 34 days to go at time of posting this.)

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