Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Turbo - "That Snail Is Fast!"

I picked up Turbo, an animated movie by Dreamworks, from Lidl for a princely £2.99 the other day.  It's about a snail who dreams to race in the Indy 500 - but, being a snail, isn't really in much position to do so, at least not until a freak incident gifts him super-speed!  A taco salesman who is similarly a dreamer (and who similarly has a brother who is a pragmatist) teams up with him, and some of the best moments in the movie come from Turbo (the snail)'s efforts to communicate with him. 

Well, you can probably see where all this is going, but it's a fun ride to get there.  Some terrific voice acting backs up the high quality animation, there are plenty of jokes for adults watching, some terrific set pieces and a soundtrack that works very well for the movie (despite many of the tracks being in a style I'm not really fond of).  It's one of those animated movies that really caters more for its adult audience than younger ones watching, but my 5 year-old daughter still enjoyed it.  It's rarely laugh-out-loud funny but it will often leave you smiling or chuckling.

All in all, thoroughly recommended.

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