Thursday, 12 January 2017

Mini-Review: Cars 2

Cars 2 takes the route of making the plot half about a big race and half about an espionage plot involving, of all characters, Mater.  Perhaps making Mater the main focus of the movie wasn't the best choice but there are still a few good laughs hidden in the script, although the love story between Mater and secret agent Holley Shiftwell (Emily Motrimer) is far from believable (but hey you've already suspended your belief to the point of a romantic relationship between two cars isn't totally stupid...!).  Michael Caine has a lot of fun voicing top secret agent Finn McMissile, and many of the capers take off typical spy thriller tropes.

It's a mixed bag to be honest, I found it entertaining and good for a few laughs, but in truth it seemed to have little in common with the original Cars movie bar several characters appearing in both.  As you might expect with a spy thriller there are fights aplenty and explosions galore, and plentiful car chases (duh).  Some of the action might be a little intense for very young children.

Don't expect too much from this one but as a reasonably entertaining animated movie with a few sly laughs it's not bad, and it's almost worth it for Michael Caine's voice performance alone.

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