Monday, 23 January 2017

Mini-Review - Rogue One

So I finally got round to watching Rogue One and... yeah, overall I enjoyed it.  I want to keep this completely spoiler-free  so don't want to say anything much about the plot, but it's a decent story line with some actual character development here and there.  As you would expect the special affects are great, the music heavily leans on John Williams' score for the original films while standing up in its own right, and there are so many nods to the original movies that you are likely to lose count.  I was unsure whether someone who hadn't seen the original trilogy (yes there are people like this around!) would have much idea of what was going on, although it's hardly rocket science keeping up with the plot, it's just that it jumps around between several narrative threads early on in the film and presumes a fair bit of background knowledge in some scenes. 

It struggled with apparent plot holes once or twice, the big battle scene towards the end felt a little overlong, and the Empire's vehicles (At-At and Star Destroyer, I'm looking at you) seemed much easier to defeat than I remember being the case in the original trilogy, but despite these slight issues it's an interesting and enjoyable film, and certainly worthy of its place as a prequel to A New Hope.

From what I'd seen others write about Rogue One I was expecting it to be a significant level above The Force Awakens, but to be honest I found it a little better, but not much - overall I found both films enjoyable, a little disappointing in some ways, but overall with enough positive aspects to make them worth watching.

Oh one final thought... the CGI heads of Tarkin and Leia freaked me out.  Just a little.  

Okay one FINAL final thought - Darth Vader making a joke (or near enough) seemed odd.

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