Tuesday, 21 March 2017

SSGB - thoughts on the series and final episode

Aurgh I can't stand it!  Just like Undercover, SSGB builds up an intriguing web of events, complex characters, builds up the tension and then gives us a nothing ending.  Didn't really get into it until episode 2, partly due to the infamous sound issues, but was really enjoying this and then... absolutely no resolution at the end.

The thing I really liked about this series was that the characters could always surprise you - especially the Germans.  Will say no more in case anyone reading this hasn't seen the last episode yet.  But the ending, just like Undercover, screams either "we didn't know how to end this" or, more likely, "we didn't want to give you anything remotely resembling a satisfying conclusion because we want to come back for a second series".

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