Saturday, 25 March 2017

The trends around production in movies over the last 10 years

Movie productions have certainly changed a lot over the last 10 years. A big reason for these changes has to do with technology in general. There are much easier ways for filmmakers to film scenes now than there used to be. For example, the use of drone cinematography is huge right now. In the old days, if a director wanted to get an aerial shot of something, they’d have to fly the cameraperson in a helicopter so they could get the shots. Now the director can just stick a camera in a drone device and fly it over the area that they want to film. This is much less costly, and it provides the opportunity for filmmakers to obtain much better angular shots from the air. Amateur and independent filmmakers are the ones benefiting the most from this, because they usually have limited budgets to begin with and the only way they’d ever be able to get aerial shots is with drones.

One thing audiences always seem to complain about is how CGI is used too much in films. However, these complaints don’t stop them from going to the movies and watching these films anyway. Since all movies are shot digitally, any scene of a movie which has action or special effects is going to have computer generated images of some kind. This has certainly made the lives of stunt people so much easier because now they don’t have to take nearly as many risks as they used too. Remember the scene from “Raiders of the Lost Ark” where Indiana Jones is being dragged by the truck? That was a real stuntman in the back being dragged around like that and taking the damage of the rough dirt road. If that scene were filmed today, do you think it would be a live action stunt like it was back then? Of course not. The entire scene would be digitalized in order to save money and ensure the safety of the stuntman.

Over the last 10 years, we have seen very little creativity come from major Hollywood studio productions. Everything is either a sequel or a remake of some other movie from the past. Producers are so afraid of taking risks on any new ideas that they just keep reselling old ideas, and audiences keep on buying them because they’re nostalgic for the older films they like. This trend in movie production is still going on to this day. 

Article contributed by Dan Whitehouse of Info Forward.

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